A Romantic Wedding in Milos

With its dramatic landscapes and unique volcanic formations, Milos is a true para- dise when it comes to unspoiled natural beauty. It is no wonder that couples of all ages move away from the busy crowds of the Cycladic Islands and choose Milos as their special holiday destination to celebrate their love. This Island is the ideal getaway to plan your wedding; it is set against the backdrop of love, painted in colours of romance and framed in picturesque views.

Milos is without a doubt one of the best wedding destinations in the Mediterrane- an. Here, you will find some of the most spectacular beaches in the world where you can stand in awe of the sunset’s golden rays, have a bachelor beach party and spoil your guests. There are quite a few local vendors and wedding planners on the Island to help you organise a special wedding ceremony to make sure that your happiest day is perfect.

Sarakiniko, Agia Kiriaki and Firiplaka are wonderful locations for wedding photog- raphy to make the moment last forever through capturing the unique natural splendour. The shops at the village of Plaka are renowned for their artistic jewellery and accessories most of which are handmade and of high quality. The tradi- tional restaurants and tavernas with their dreamy atmospheres is a favourite for many guests while the quaint little fishing village at Klima is great for a stroll and a few more photos. From Klima, you can head back to the main square’s tavernas where your guests can go on a gastronomic journey and indulge in fresh fish, one of the local specialties.

To add some extra flavour to your special day, try Karpouzopita, a local sweet made from watermelon that can be served as a unique wedding treat.

In Apollonia you will find charming boutique hotels right at the beach overlooking the endless blue sea of the Cyclades. This village is the perfect choice if you wish to have your guests in one place while still having the option of many cozy little bars, restaurants and picturesque locations.

From Apollonia, you can catch a 15-minute ferry to Kimolos, a tiny island wrapped in timeless beauty right next to Milos. If you want to plan your wedding on an amazing Greek island that is quieter, look no further than Kimolos Chora where it feels as if you are on your own private island. With the help of the friendly locals and vendors, you can make your wedding dream come true.

You will also find hidden chapels and some private villas to rent for you and your guests. Don’t leave the island without hopping on a sailing tour; some of the beaches are not accessible by car and this is an incredible opportunity and unique way to admire the heavenly scenery and beaches. Getting on the water and having your ceremony and party on a sailing boat is another wonderful idea to make your dream wedding a reality.

Tips for your Wedding Calendar in Milos

Milos is perfect for your wedding any time from spring until autumn.

What to see and do in Milos

Plaka, the Chora of the island, the Archaeological Museum of Milos with an exact copy of the statue of Venus, the original is at the Louvre in Paris.
Visit the famous catacombs in the vicinity of Klima and the exceptional beaches of Agios Ioannis, Kleftiko, Tsigrado and the grotto of Papafranga.

Get inspired from the Traditional wedding in Milos

If you want to get some inspiration from the past, here are some ideas to enrich your ceremony.
In the old days, the groom would leave his home with his family and friends, accompanied by musicians playing the violins, lyres, clarinets and outi (a type of bouzouki), singing traditional wedding songs while passing homes of invited guests until they reach the church.

Right after the ceremony the feast took place at the newlyweds’ home and one week later “antigamos” happened at the groom’s family home.
After the wedding, the couple returned to their home where the groom would break a pomegranate on the threshold to bring good luck into their new lives.

How to get to Milos

By ferry from Piraeus Port and other ports around the islands and by air.

How to move around in Milos

You can move around the island by car, bus, taxi, boat, motorbike.

The Weather in Milos

Mild Mediterranean weather with a hot dry summer and a mild winter.

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