Kensho Psarou

Next to the golden sand and crystal-clear waters of the Aegean, on the most cosmopolitan beach of the Mediterranean, is the dreamiest landscape to create a timeless sanctuary to exchange vows and rejoice in your union.

The enchanting chapel against the backdrop of the sunset drenched in sounds of splashing waves, the celebration by the sea, the enchanted decoration and the distinct aura that makes Kenshō special, will create an utterly unique ambiance.

The most ideal setting to celebrate your oneness and embark on your new life together.

Relish your most significant moments and celebrate your lifetime milestones together with your loved ones in an environment with irresistible beauty and romance, built next to one of the most famous beaches in the Aegean Sea.

At Kenshō, you will cherish intimate celebrations that will become memories of a lifetime.

Together with the Kenshō team, we will transcend the joy of the moment into an everlasting luxury wedding and overall experience in Mykonos.

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