Perfecting the art of Sea-to-Table experience.

The best way to ensure that you get the most stunning photos of your wedding reception is to get married on the beach.

Not only will you get beautiful photos of the reception, 
the photographer will follow you on your romantic walk along the sandy shore and take beautiful photos in the best possible light. Kiss the modern world goodbye on this private beach in Santorini – ringed by two miles of perfect Black sand.The water here is not a single blue but rather a shimmering mosaic of volcano stones black grey white and red, can you imagine the energy???. Maybe because Akro is situated next to the most famous beaches in the world. White beach and Red beach.

Since it is a private beach, is quiet and empty – ideal for an intimate ceremony or an amazing party, for your close family and friends.

Nothing ensures seclusion like a private beach, and one of the loveliest – most photographed beaches in Santorini – is this upscale meets laid-back enclave. This carefree and picturesque isle, it follows its name Akro where you can swim eat relax and get married!

Lets Kick off your Manolo’s and party until the first morning hours!!!

The essence of barefoot elegance is real and exclusive.

Akro has the feel of a laguna beach house.  By offering exceptionalfive star service in Santorini’s most idyllic natural setting you can easily forget about everything and enjoy each other.

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