Oblivion Villas

Villa Oblivion is built on a large gated property of 10.000 m2, situated at the top of a steep slope, at the Pyrgos Kallistis area and it enjoys a 360˚view of the Aegean Sea, the caldera and the breathtaking sunsets.

Two old kilns were totally restored and rebuilt in 2014 with respect to the Cycladic architecture using only eco-friendly materials. Elements of the kilns have been incorporated into the design and the big kiln is now the kitchen and the living room while the small kiln became a designed bathroom of one of the two bed-rooms.
Both kilns stand like magnificent sculpture of this luxurious new Villa which is de-signed so that each room enjoys the same exceptional views. Framed as if in a painting and fully protected from the island’s strong winds the Oblivion villa can comfortably accommodate 4 adults and 2 children. The outdoor areas feature a private infinity pool, fantastic sea views, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a shaded lounge area under a pergola and sun beds. On an atmos-pheric corner of the villa there is a BBQ area, a wooden oven and a large dining table overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The symphony of colors of the sea and the sky changes during the day and comes to its peak at sunset time while the combination of local volcano stone and glass offers a unique and luxurious relaxing shelter. The lounge area is atmospheric especially in the night when it is candle lighted and you enjoy unlimited views from every corner.
The white minimal interior of Villa Oblivion with smooth curved edges and simple deco gives you a relaxing ambience and an enjoyable atmosphere. The views from all corners of the villa is uninterrupted no matter if you are inside or outside as the villa is built with the concept of having constant eye contact with the water.

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