A Wedding Getaway in Chalkidiki

Against the backdrop of natural beauty and three peninsulas lies Chalkidiki, one the most unique wedding destinations in Greece. This region in northern Greece boasts sandy turquoise water beaches, mountain villages and verdant forests that will make your wedding and honeymoon unforgettable.

If you want a stylish wedding in the Mediterranean then Chalkidiki will be the per- fect host of your special day. It is conveniently located near Thessaloniki and the main airport gets you there in no time to plan your wedding with a team of ex- perienced wedding planners, ready to give you the day you’ve always dreamt about. Every single detail is important and whether you are building sand castles around a casual wedding at the beach or seeking cloud nine for a luxurious cere- mony, the Chalkidiki wedding choices are anything but ordinary.

Kassandra is located on the most western peninsula; here accommodation ranges from world-class resorts to smaller boutique hotels, all with modern day comforts, facilities and amenities. During the day and at night, Kassandra comes alive with beach bars, a vibrant atmosphere and restaurants with local delicacies; and there is always an option of getting on a sailboat.

If you are after a quiet escape on a dreamy beach or in an unspoiled village, plan your wedding in Sithοnoia with its peaceful atmosphere and exquisite resorts. Sithοnoia is also home to some of Greece’s top beaches like Kavourotripes and Armenistis, a sublime setting for a wedding with panoramic sea views of the Aege- an Sea from Kalogria and Vourvourou.

There is a sense of myth and magic around the peninsulas; a believe that couples who get married in Chalkidiki are protected by a holy energy that comes from Mount Athos, an UNESCO heritage site of orthodox monasteries, only open to men.

The wedding venue options are scattered throughout Chalkidiki, in all shapes, siz- es and luxury levels. Chapels are perched on hills with views of crashing waves and curving coastlines, private villas will add the personal touch and high-end yachts can whisk you away in the Mediterranean.

Τips for your wedding calendar in Chalkidiki

Spring and summer or early autumn is the best time to organise your wedding in Chalkidiki as the weather is pleasant and sunny for a dreamy outdoor ceremony.

What to see and do in Chalkidiki

Visit Petralona cave with its spectacular stalactites and stalgamites.
Men can visit Mount Athos a unique monastic state with Byzantine monasteries and treasures. Discover the unspoiled and verdant island of Ammouliani.
For your wedding photos head to Arnaia village on Holomontas Mountain to cap- ture the beauty of mountainous Chalkidiki.

Get inspired by a traditional wedding in Chalkidiki

Thanks to the multicultural background of Chalkidiki you can find numerous customs that link back to the old days.
Various customs and a collection of traditional songs played by musicians are some of the main characteristics of a traditional Chalkidiki wedding. Get the best tips for a traditional ceremony from the local vendors and planners who are always ready to assist you.

How to move around in Chalkidiki

Getting around by car is the best option or by boat if you want to explore the pris- tine coastline.

The weather in Chalkidiki

Spring, summer and autumn are mainly dry and sunny. Winter is also mild, but it can also be a little cold with some rain.

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