Your dream day on a dream location

Every princess dreams about celebrating her special day next to her prince charming with a picture-perfect traditional wedding in a beautiful castle.

Monemvasia, one of Greece’s most amazing wedding destinations on the southeastern coast of Peloponesse about 350 km from Athens, is where fairytales and wedding dreams really do come true. The medieval castle town’s cobblestone streets are filled with romance and dramatic beauty; the history is tangible and time stands still as the Myrtoan Sea splashes against limestone cliffs and caresses the beaches’ shores.

Monemvasia, and its variety of venues, is a highly sought after location for a wedding in Greece; whether you want to have a Greek Orthodox wedding in a castle, renew your vows on a beach or celebrate on a yacht.

It’s not hard to see why love birds from all over the world choose to say I do under the Mediterranean sun against the backdrop of the Byzantine fortress town’s sensational views; it is simply spectacular.

And in true fairytale and princess style, you don’t have to lift a finger to arrange your wedding day in Monemvasia thanks to highly-talented and experienced wedding vendors and planners who are ready to organize and arrange your dream day. The variety of exceptional luxurious boutique hotels, suites and traditional guesthouses are ideal for the bridal party and wedding guests and there are also plenty of romantic options for your honeymoon in Monemvasia.

Tips for your Wedding Calendar

Monemvasia’s has good warm weather all year-round, but if you want to avoid the crowds it is best not to plan your wedding during Easter and the month of August.

What to See and Do in Monemvasia

There is something to see for everyone in Monemvasia and your guests are surely going to love the place. If you have a keen interest in history then head to the Old Town for sea views, traditional restaurants and shops; go to the archeological site of Epidabros Limera, the house of Greece’s most loved poet Yiannis Ritsos, the Church of Elkomenos Christos and the Church of Agia Sofia dating from the 12th and 13th century. Don’t forget to visit the Castle of Monemvasia that’s built on a rock in the sea; it is believed that it is Europe’s only castle that has never ceased being inhabited.

But there’s more to the medieval town than history.

Get a taste of Greece at Kamara’s 11th century wine cellar, taste olive oil, sunbathe, swim, frolic and kayak around at one of the beaches and don’t forget to indulge in traditional food such as “saitia” – a small herb pie that’s made of pastry, and of course herbs, cooked on a grill.

Get inspired by a traditional wedding in Monemvasia

As you have your wedding around the traditional guesthouses in Monemvasia that’s built according to local architecture and heritage, don’t forget to indulge in the sweet taste of Diples. Diples – a dessert that’s drizzled with honey and topped with walnuts – is a traditional wedding treat in Peloponesse that has been around for a long time that you and your guests can enjoy on your special day.

How to get to Monemvasia

By direct flights from Europe as well as other continents to the Kalamata airport which is a 90 minute drive from Monemvasia.

By car from Athens via Sparti or by intercity bus from Athens.

How to move around in Monemvasia

By car, foot and hydrofoil.

The weather in Monemvasia

Mild weather, with higher temperatures in July and August, and cooler with yet sunny days in winter.