About Us

Naido helps couples to choose services, venues, hotels and professionals for their wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, vow renewal, or bachelor party and plan their special occasion saving time, costs and effort.

Search for any type of service or professional for your wedding – from catering, venue, and honeymoon to photography, DJs, beauty services, and bridal/groom’s dresses and rings.

Search per desired concept, per location – looking for the top of the top or an off the beaten track location in Greece -, per budget, and per preferences about everything a venue, a hotel, a photographer, or a honeymoon location may offer.

Get instant personalized quotes, find offers, contact professionals and companies and book or buy with a few steps through Naido.

Our team is dedicated in providing all the support and services so that you leave the hassle away and keep the stress-free fun of organizing your special day!

How it works

With Naido it’s all about quality, choice, and personalization for your dream destination wedding or wedding related occasion. Our network is comprised of hand-picked and personally chosen partners with whom we are in direct contact and close collaboration.

You can choose what type of wedding professionals and services you need or simply find your perfect hideaway for your wedding reception or your dream villa for your honeymoon in Greece.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Choose where you want to start from: wedding professionals categories? Destinations for your wedding and wedding reception? Honeymoon concepts? Your luxury villa rental? Your bachelor party, engagement proposal, elopement, or wedding anniversary, or vow renewal sea view suite or exclusive villa? Or go directly to our wedding planning services?
  • See, evaluate, filter according to what is most important to you, and then get all the information you need and the details you would require in order to decide from the extensively detailed pages we have for our carefully selected destination wedding partners.
  • If you want to contact and book a venue, hotel, villa, or professional, just fill in the Quote Form describing what you like and expect from them, so that they can get back with a totally customized and accurate quote and offer. No general messages, only customized and tailored to your needs ideas and offers.
  • Finally, pick the ones that you would like to work with for planning your perfect day (or week J ).
  • In case you need assistance with choosing or you wish to leave it all in the skilled hands of our experienced wedding planning partners, simply request a quote from the relevant Wedding Planning section and we’ll get back to you with information and recommendations.
  • And since we’re here for you all the time, we will constantly expanding our network of trusted partners – always only with top quality wedding professionals and breath-taking resorts, hotels, and honeymoon villas – as well as our offerings for new services such as yacht and boat rental, honeymoon travel packages, and wedding inspiration ideas in general.

Naido is a network of outstanding wedding professionals and bespoke wedding locations, venues, hotels, resorts, and villas that gives you the benefits of a personalized wedding planner.

Why book with Naido?

There are many reasons why couples book their wedding professionals, venues, hotels, and honeymoon with us:

  • Specialization
    • Naido specializes exactly in the occasions you wish to celebrate. Wedding, honeymoon, bachelor party, vow renewal, or anniversary, our focus, concept, and approach are tailored to the special needs and details these events require. In this way, we can put all our energy and attention in your special requests and in providing a specialized network of choice for you.
  • Quality
    • Naido is not an online listing including everything there is in the wedding vendors and venues categories. Our aim is quality – not quantity. Only the best of the best join our network in order to offer you flawless services and unmatched experiences.
  • Hand picked selection
    • We carefully selected our vendors and venues one by one based on their expertise, specialization, proof of quality services, and credentials in the market, along with our personal contact with them. No mass listings here and no bulk directories, only the best for your wedding and honeymoon.
  • Customization
    • Your wedding and honeymoon are supposed to be once in a lifetime occasions. Why treat them differently? It’s YOUR day and YOUR trip and it should satisfy even the slightest detail of your wishes and needs. Naido allows you to customize everything about your wedding, honeymoon, and other special occasions, understanding that every couple is unique, and so should be their wedding and honeymoon.
  • Better deals
    • Naido maintains personal relationships and structured collaboration with all vendors and venues, so it is easier for us to get better deals and quotes for you, since we already work with them and have established communication and collaboration processes.
  • Easier communication
    • Through Naido it is easier and faster to communicate with the vendors and venues you want. Response rates are very quick and we monitor every communication so that we can jump in and speed up processes whenever and wherever required.
  • Detailed decision making
    • When you browse through Naido’s vendors and venues you do not just see contact details. You see everything you need to know about what the vendor and the venue offer for your special occasion. No general information, but detailed hints and important facts related to your event and special celebration. In this way, you can know from the start which vendors and venues are the best for what you have in mind, and decide and book more quickly, easily, and effectively.
  • Personalized offers
    • By contacting our vendors and venues, you are communicating them exactly what you need and wish with just a few clicks thanks to our customized and detailed contact forms which act as briefs for the vendors and venues. In this way, you are not beginning the conversation from scratch and waste time, on the contrary, you will receive personalized quotes and offers from them, tailored exactly to what YOU want for your wedding and honeymoon and special occasion, not “one size fits all” offers.
  • One stop “shop”
    • Instead of wasting time in various different information sources and booking channels for all the different vendors and the venues you will book, why not keep everything in one place?
  • Wedding consultants
    • We are here for you; balancing between the ease and freedom of choosing on your own and the experienced advise of our wedding consultants, you can rely on our team for any question or problem you are facing along the way towards your special day and honeymoon.

Simply sit back and enjoy the ride towards an unforgettable destination wedding and honeymoon.

Naido is by your side!