Naido Wedding Generic FAQ

Naido is a one stop platform for couples who wish to find:

  • quality professionals and services and
  • astonishing venues, breath-taking hotels and resorts, and bespoke villas

for their:

  • wedding and wedding reception
  • honeymoon
  • anniversary
  • wedding proposal
  • vow renewal
  • bachelor party

For anything a couple might need, Naido is here to help them find, shortlist, decide, contact, and book the professionals and venues that will make their wedding, honeymoon, and other special occasions unforgettable and unique.

Naido helps you plan your wedding or honeymoon and book the venues and professionals you want in an easy, fun, direct, and cost effective way. Just browse according to your criteria and we are sure that you will find the best deal. When you are sure about your choice, you can ask to us and to our vendors a quote and if you agree with service and the price we will start to satisfy all you requests and needs.

  • Naido differs in that it offers you the ability to book the most appropriate vendors and the most suitable venues according to your own personal needs and preferences in an easy, flexible, cost effective, direct and still personalized way without losing precious time, effort, and money in researching, risking, and communicating for months.
  • We have located the best wedding professionals and venues for you, have created detailed profiles of them which inform you about anything you need to know in order to make a decision, and we secure you best prices and customized quotes from them, without taking out the personal and direct communication you want to have with them.
  • Moreover, we are here to help in every step and we focus on you getting real and practical detailed info, not just contact details or limited variety or paid advertising promotions.
  • Naido is a platform made both for the wedding couple and the wedding professional and acts as a one stop spot for anything a couple might need offering a much broader choice than a wedding planner, without this cost, and more targeted and complete variety and booking process than a simple blog or directory listing.
  • Last, but not least, we do not charge anything to the couple for signing up in and using our platform.

In the “Contact Us” link in the bottom menu of our home page you can find all the ways you can contact us directly. Looking forward to hearing from you!

We are located in Athens, Greece. But our network expands to numerous and diverse locations within the Greek territory.

You can see all the destinations within Greece that Naido offers its network of vendors and venues under the “Destinations” tab in the menu in our home page.

F.A.Q. related to your wedding

We do not set up a limit, we can arrange small wedding but even big wedding. Keep in mind that in case your guests are numerous we need more time to arrange and plan your wedding since we will need to find an accommodation that satisfy your requirement and in the peak period it could require more effort. That is why we ask to convey in advance your number of guests.

We strongly suggest you plan way ahead. Only a few weeks before there will be no availability or you will have to settle with a few remaining choices.

Yes, of course, that’s why Naido is here, in order to offer you ideas and options about adding anything you would like to your wedding, your wedding reception, and your honeymoon.

Usually the ceremony last from 30’ to 1 hour.

One week at least in advance to familiarize with the location and relax a bit before your wedding day. Moreover, a week’s presence in the country is advised for legal issues for certain nationalities.

Most couples choose a date 9-12 months before in order to prepare all the planning and travelling arrangements and find availability in their preferred location and venue.

The prices shown in the company profiles are per person for the wedding reception and are quoted in Euros unless stated otherwise.

Depending on the type of ceremony you choose it can be a civil servant or a priest.

Yes, you can choose, but it depends also on availability of the venue or church or city hall representative. We always strive to get your preferred time slot.

You can choose the day you prefer and plan according to availability of the venue and persons who will perform the ceremony.

Yes, it is the safest but in case you prefer that the ceremony would be conducted in your own language we will try to satisfy your requirement.

In the majority of the case we prefer to get your wedding as private as possible, but it depends of the choice of the venue and of the period. In the peak period it could be possible but we will let you know about so you are able to choose a venue with more privacy if you wish you too.

Depends on what features you prefer, your budget, availability, and other factors. Normally weddings take place from late April to late October.