A Wedding Celebration in Crete

A wedding is an endless celebration in Crete that can last days or even weeks de- pending on your wedding plan and ideas. Nothing is impossible on this amazing Greek island that offers so many different styles for your first day in marriage, your wedding ceremony and party. Crete is one of the best destinations in Europe, and the world, for a whole new wedding experience.

Crete, the island of diverse landscapes, ancient treasures and exquisite tastes, is the southern-most amazing wedding destination in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by the crystal clear turquoise blue water of the Aegean and the Libyan Sea, it certainly is the idyllic Greek scenery you desire to organize the best wedding in Europe, on the island known worldwide for its generous spirit and hospitality.

Choose your wedding venue from a long list of the most luxurious 5-star resorts in Greece with great facilities for newlyweds and their guests.
Every region in Crete will amaze you with its natural beauty, lovely chapels on top of the hills or by the sea, unspoiled palm-forested beaches that can easily bereached by car or only by boat, or even a whole village square, as in Crete, it is very common to have your wedding at the square of the village. Chania, Rethymno, Sfakia, Hersonissos, Elounda, Sitia or Agios Nikolaos offer unique venue options and event planning possibilities. You will find dozens of local vendors and wedding professionals for bespoke services based on your budget from caterers to photographers and videographers, wedding planners and shops for your gift registry.

If you love creative ideas choose a winery or even a museum, pick a venue by a Venetian fortress or at a traditional village like Vamos in Apokoronas, Chania. If you prefer Heraklion, head to its beautiful churches in town or around its dreamy vil- lages. Organise your bachelor party at a beach bar or a nightclub, or even on a private sailing boat, a yacht or a traditional fishing boat.

Spa and wellness, golf courses, organized activities in nature like hiking, climbing or paragliding, water sports, world awarded local cuisine and gastronomy, cultural experiences and unique archeological sites, unspoiled Caribbean-style beaches, yoga retreats and fun activities for family and solo travellers, great nightlife, pictur- esque villages atop high mountains, the hippy laid back paradise of Gavdos island, are just some of the top things to experience in Crete.

Tips for your Wedding Calendar in Crete

The most popular period for a wedding in Crete is late spring, summer or Septem- ber.

What to see and do in Crete

Visit the archaeological sites of Knossos and Phaestos and discover the fascinating Minoan civilization. Don’t miss the archaeological museum in Heraklion! Wander around the romantic Venetian old towns of Chania and Rethymno. Go for hiking at the Samaria gorge. Explore the exotic beaches of Elafonissi, Falassarna, Preveli, the Palm Beach of Vai and the unspoiled beaches of Sitia. Visit the famous island of Spinaloga.

Get Inspired by the Traditional Wedding in Crete

Before the wedding, the groom with the best man and their guests walk to the house of the bride with musicians playing the Cretan “lyra” and bridal songs dressed in local costumes. The bride awaits at her family house with the door shut. As soon as the groom arrives, more serenades start to convince them to open the door. When this happens, the groom with a rose bouquet in hand, greets and kiss- es the hand of the bride’s parents, for their blessing, asking for the bride’s hand to lead her to church.

Meanwhile, relatives and friends send wedding gifts, “kaniskia”, to the couple’s parents and to their new home. Raki, wine and traditional sweets “kserotigana” are aplenty all the time!
After the wedding ceremony, the big time wedding fiesta starts where dancers come on fire! Everybody drinks, eats and dances until the morning!

How to get to Crete

By air to Heraklion, Chania and Sitia
By ferry from Piraeus Port, Cyclades and the Dodecanese.

How to move around in Crete

By car, bus, taxi, boat or motorbike.

The weather in Crete

Early spring and late autumn have usually sudden showers and some cool eve- nings. Summers are hot and dry. Winter is mild and sunny with an average of 16°C.

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