Paros belongs to the Cyclades islands in Greece, easy to reach with ferry from Athens or even with international flights, and close to Mykonos, Santorini, and Naxos. Its 120 klm of coastline create so many nice beaches – either for relaxation or crazy parties – that a full week will not be enough to discover them all. Its traditional architecture is seamlessly combined with modern elements of trendy shops, design restaurants, like the famous Barbarossa, and attractive little villages.

The two main areas of Paros are Paroikia and Naoussa. They are home to numerous diverse eating options, from traditional taverns to super modern restaurants, many little charming bars where nightlife begins, and young sophisticated crowds. Moreover, the little sister of Paros, called Antiparos, offers a perfect relaxation atmosphere and amazing fish taverns.

Paros is particularly famous for its long, sandy beaches with enchanting waters, like Santa Maria, Golden Beach, Punta, and Kolymbithres are some of the most famous beaches in Paros, which also attracts many water sports fans.

Why choose the island of Paros for your dream destination wedding in Greece?

Firstly, you can have luxury vacations and a luxury wedding without breaking the bank. Paros has many private villas where amazing wedding parties can be hosted, hundreds of years old churches for religious weddings, and famous restaurants and beach venues, for all tastes and budgets.

Secondly, its easily accessible and it can be used also as the center for other island visits.

Thirdly, you can enjoy diverse experiences, ranging from traditional to super modern, and above all true island and beach life.

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