The Wedding of your dreams in Santorini

If you are dreaming about a fairytale wedding in one of the most idyllic wedding destinations in the world then Santorini is your answer. Picture this: whitewashed Greek houses nestled on colourful rocks in the heart of the Aegean, spectacular sunsets, volcano views and a gleaming horizon of sapphire tones on the most special day ever, your wedding.

The charming island of Santorini is filled with enchanting beauty to inspire and spark ideas for that destination wedding you’ve dreamt about for years. Santorini is unique due to its Cycladic landscape, the exceptional location, the distinctive geomorphology and the ocean.
No other spot in the Mediterranean or Europe can compare to Santorini; it is an is- land oozing with passion and love. Thousands of couples flock to Santorini every year, hand-in-hand, to vow to love each other forever in front of the wondrous witnesses of the caldera in Fira and Oia.

You can arrange your wedding with ease in Santorini with the help of many local vendors and planners, luxury hotels and resorts, inns and exclusive wedding es- tates.
Here, in a space of unsurpassed beauty with sea views and steep cliffs, you’ll find that Santorini is home to exceptional hotels and wedding locations. You can go from Fira and Imerovigli to Kamares, Oia, Pyrgos, Finikia and ancient Akrotiri; the opportunities are endless and the choice is yours.

For something completely different, step on a luxury yacht, a local fishing boat or even a sailboat and have your wedding at sea or on a remote beach. In typical Greek style, you can get married between the vineyards of a winery, say “I do” and celebrate with a glass of Vinsanto as well as a great selection of other wines. An- other popular wedding alternative is to get married in a medieval Orthodox or Catholic Church perched on a hill overlooking the sea or make your way to the vil- lages of Oia and Pyrgos.

The volcanic island of Santorini offers you everything you’ve ever looked for in a wedding destination and wherever you choose to celebrate your special day, it will be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

There is never a dull moment with all the diverse activities on the Island. Experi- ence the descent of the caldera on a Santorini donkey, take a tour of ancient Ak- rotiri, visit the remarkable Red and White beaches, do water sports, make a day trip to the volcano, go on a cultural tour or an island tour by boat and visit the win- eries and local breweries.

Visit the medieval village of Pyrgos.Enjoy the mind-blowing sunset at Oia, the ris- ing views of Imerovigli, the Red Beach as well as the traditional wineries.

What to See and Do in Santorini

The unique ambrosial flavours of the Island’s products will encapsulate your pal- ate. Cherry tomatoes, fava, capers, fresh fish, pastries and wine are just some of the local specialties that you and your guests can indulge in on your wedding day. Whether you want to dine in a classic taverna, a luxury restaurant with panoramic views, an elegant bar or in a classy café of the caldera, there is something for everyone. You can wander around countless boutiques with exquisite gallery art- work, jewellery and sculptures.

Get inspired by a traditional wedding in Santorini

“Kopiaste sto gamo” (come to the wedding) is the signal call that the wedding has started. From the terrace, the groom’s father will fire a shot with his rifle as violin- ists play wedding songs and head for the best man’s home. Then, the village priest will take the best man and the couple’s relatives to the closest vineyard to cut vines for the wedding crowns.

The priest will cut three white grape vines, and bless and sprinkle it with sweet wine to give it to the best man. The wine should not return to the bridal home and the best man will throw the bottle up in the air only to fall in the vineyard and break into pieces.
The crowns are placed on an all-white tablecloth where the village girls will wrap it with cotton, ribbons and lemon blossoms tied with a golden thread.

Once the crowns are ready, the violins sound the signal and everyone arrives at the church. Before the ceremony commences, the couple kisses the hands of their parents for their blessing. When the ceremony is over, the “ferta” begins an ancient custom where every guest drops any amount they wish onto a collection plate.

How to get to Santorini

By direct and charter flights from many cities around Europe and Greece.
By ferry from Piraeus port and other islands.

How to move around in Santorini

By car, taxi and boat.

The weather in Santorini

Mild Mediterranean winter, dry summer and a sunny autumn with light rain.

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