Kensho Ornos

Kenshō, a brand-new and awarded hotel is here to offer you a unique journey, creating with you memorable experiences of stay, relaxation and rejuvenation. Inspired by the endless blue colors of the sky and the sea, Kenshō combines the high quality services and goes beyond the standards, for a truly luxurious hospitality experience. The hotel is overlooking the spectacular Ornos Bay, a desirable location close to the town center of Mykonos.

Our people, our culture, the mixture of colors and materials, will make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable. Kenshō with 10 suites and 25 rooms, each with its own unique design, welcomes you for the very first time in June 2016. Words such as sea, sky, light, comfort, blue, harmony, mind awaken the senses. Our promise, is the interpretation of the word Kenshō … «A hidden treasure!» Welcome!

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